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Thursday, November 15, 2012

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Ever since the challenge, I've been cleaning out my closet and clearing out my work spaces and piles.  While I was purging things from my closest, I found this lost treasure.  An ornament of the Holy Family with dried roses and eucalyptus cuttings. 
So sweet and PRETTY.
Now the question is...should I give it away or keep it?  Will someone appreciate it as much as me?  Will they bury it in their closest like I did? 

I think I count 49 flowers...
A friend gave me an early birthday gift...flowers make me HAPPY, and flowers that I can plant in my garden make me even happier because, then, I can name my "flower" after the giver - reminding me of them. 
Kind of like a garden journal...filled with friends and occasions.  (yes; I do teach my children the proper names of each plant. lol)

This is the box that is holding the ornament of the Holy Family...(above).The FUNNY thing is, I can't bear to disassemble the whole prettiness of this box!I really need to give this away...then I can be free from this silly attachment. 

I won't even care of someone takes the ornament out and flippantly tosses the box and dried flowers (the box that someone lovingly took the time to dry and arrange and make so pretty...)

I just won't care.


In my house, *piles* grow like mushrooms.This pile has paper work from last year and I don't even know what I have stored away in the pretty boxes below the baskets...perhaps more treasures that need to be given away.

My goal is to be rid of all old *piles* by the end of the year.
We will see what the new year brings.  :o)

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  1. You have the neatest looking pile I ever saw! :D

  2. could you add that pretty heart to your Christmas tree as an ornament?

    1. :o) yes, I could; But I've decided to re-gift it after all...pretty box and all.


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