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Thursday, November 8, 2012

{pretty, happy, funny, real}, ~ The Master Bedroom Challenge Edition ~

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My Our desk, in our bedroom, is *pretty* darn messy!
...but it is filled with some *pretty* neat things:
I began the challenge this morning at 7:05AM.
I had 3 bags and one pile to tackle.
Also, one VERY dusty (but pretty) lamp shade, books, pictures, treasure box and the desk itself was in need of a good dust.
I sorted through the piles/bags and divided them into 3 (more) piles:
1.  Garbage
2.  Memories
3.  File
Underneath my mess belongings, I found more treasures!  A *pretty* spoon that I had brought back from our family trip to Victoria, BC., a key (I still don't know what it opens), and *photos of our family trip to Alaska.  (*dangerous, as it slows me down; as I tend to reminisce)
I thinned out the book collection I had on my desk and just kept the following:
+ Thomas A. Kempis - The Imitation of Mary
+ Pope Benedict XVI Encyclical Letters:  Spe Salvi & Deus Caritas Est
+ Pope Paul VI Encyclical Letter:  Humanae Vitae
Debbie Lillard - Absolutely Organized (A Mom's Guide to a No-Stress Schedule & Clutter-Free Home)
Simon Tang - Kalwaria
and a couple journals & books on Home School & Virtues
Now this makes me HAPPY.  Vintage things - so full of character and wonder.  I love it with all its marks and worn spots...but my favorite is the intricate little clasp.  I was so intrigued by it as a child...
Inside my treasure box, which was given to me by my mother, are pictures of me and my siblings when we were young...HAPPY memories.
my sister and me playing dolls - 1960's
Here is a peek inside and a close-up of the label inside the box.  A true trove of treasures.
Hidden underneath my pile...was this little gem.  FUNNY, it was still in it's original package - sitting and waiting to be put to use.  Now we will use it for our afternoon teas. 
The picture below is of my parents on a double date with another couple and their chaperone - my 6'3" grandfather - in full view!   LOL.  I LOVE IT!!! 
My parents are on the left...then my aunt (my mom's sister) and her date (my uncle).  On the right, looking dashingly handsome, is my grandfather.
Everyone seemed to dress so nicely, back then...men in suits and ties, women so proper and modest...
My parents have been married  54 years and my aunt and uncle, 62 years!
This is the *now* picture...but honostly, I don't know how long it will stay this way. In our house, horizontal surfaces are magnetically attractive to *stuff*! 
REALly. :o)
Thank you, Ladies over at LM,LD ~
For the very fruitful challenge!
 Addendum:  The *challenge* ended at 8:07AM, approximately one hour; including picture taking time and detailed vacuuming...which woke up my sleepyheads so we could start school.  :o)
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  1. maybe we should go back to the old days with chaperons...

  2. I thought your before picture wasn't all that bad - there was actually some space visible on your desk! (unlike mine at the moment... but mine is in a shared office, not the bedroom, so I didn't get around to it this week!)But the after looks even better. It's so nice to have clean horizontal spaces. :)

    1. Truth be told...that visible space was there for my hubby. It gets filled in when he returns home from work; unless I start to spead my piles - then he has to go and find another "space". :o) I'm waiting to see if he notices...
      Thank you for visiting!

  3. You have such pretty things on your desk! You gave me the best idea for gifts for my 5 sisters for Christmas. I need to find some little boxes and put some fun pictures of us in there from when we were kids. I will never find a boxes quite as pretty as that one you have but still it will be fun.

    1. Oh, what a great gift idea! How wonderful that you have 5 sisters...only 1 sister here, but I do have 5 sisters-in-law (from my 5 brothers). I wish you a wonderful and fun Christmas and thank you for stopping by!

  4. Hi! I saw your link at {p, h, f, r}. I looove the little treasure box. So pretty! Great job on the desk! (I too have the same stuff-attraction problem.;-)

  5. I worked on my bedroom as well today. I cleaned off the built in bookshelves and sorted through books and papers. The beginning of the week I cleaned my closet and added a door rack to hold the baby's clothes.

    My house has that same magnetic problem!

    1. Door racks are the best...great space savers with multi purposes.

  6. Your desk looks awesome!! Well done.


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