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Thursday, November 29, 2012

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round button chicken
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I have had this candelabrum for about 10+ years and I still love to look at it.  It makes our fireplace mantel look pretty.

A Happy smile on my Happy Birthday:o)
These faux phones gave me a chuckle...remember these?  I explained to my children how they functioned; the original ones you would use your finger to dial...these were push button.
I was almost as excited as when I saw a *phone booth* when we were walking through our downtown one evening...I never thought I would be explaining about *pay telephones*.  When did those disappear!?  We actually used the pay phone to call our cell phones to show our kids how they worked.  LOL.
Too Funny.
Do you remember operators?  Or, for that matter,  *popcorn*? 
It's OK that I'm aging myself...I just celebrated another b-day.  Deo gratias!
*The real McCoy*
Speaking of real...

the book parade...out to dry

We experienced a little plumbing problem...
...and to top it off, it happened just as we were walking out the door
to a reception we were coordinating

Dear husband handled it.  (He's my hero).

I looks as though we were setting up to play dominoes (with the books)...thankfully only one shelf was affected.

These are just little trials and inconveniences of everyday life...we are reminded to pray for those whose homes were devastated by the recent hurricanes and other natural disasters.

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  1. Happy Birthday!
    Love the old phone pics. My mom bought one at an antique shop and she actually uses it! And yes, we had to explain to the children how it works. :)
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you so much, Adriana!
      How fun; I would love to be able to use a phone like that.
      Grace to your days...


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