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Saturday, November 3, 2012

~ Random Moments - October ~

Ever since our recent Lord of the Rings gathering,  I've started reading Peter Kreeft's "The Philosophy of Tolkien".  I love Kreeft's books.  I bought this particular book a while back, maybe even years ago, but it's just been sitting on my "book queue" aka bookcase. 
Good place to read books...

The LOTR revival has inspired me, as well as a new opportunity for my two teens to study The Hobbit - The Course, through Home school Connections. Also...

During this Year Of Faith, I've been trying to increase my reading time again...starting with my daily reading of the Catechism through this helpful tool:
READ THE CATECHISM IN A YEAR.  We are only on day 24, so if you haven't already started, you are not too far behind...truthfully, I'm catching up because I've missed a few readings.  That's ok.  Today is a new day!  :o)  Deo Gratias!

Moving right along...Here are a couple pictures from our recent trip to Disneyland -

It really was a fun time. I even had a moment of nostalgia, while we were walking through Fantasyland and saw all those strollers.  I remembered pushing around my oldest two in a stroller when they were little, ...Oh, God Bless All Mothers! 
cause of nostalgia...place of sweet memories

I truly enjoyed those moments...and I am truly enjoying these moments.  I feel so blessed!  Butterfly and I partnered up for some wild rides (I like the fast & exhilarating ones) while Daddy, Conductor and Little Lamb (either watched and prayed for us) or enjoyed the many other attractions.
cause of great discomfort...but so.much.fun.

It was also fun that we could all run together and enjoy some of the more *exhilarating* rides...even the one that I got soaked on...fully.and.totally.SOAKED.  Through and through.  I tell ya.  I literally had to go and change...I couldn't walk properly.  LOL.  We all had a good laugh...until I decided it was no longer funny.  :o)

On All Hollows Eve...I didn't really plan anything special.  But we decided to try and cut our pumpkins and toast some pumpkin seeds and make some pumpkin puree - for future pies and breads and things.
Of course we had to *brew* something up - Butterfly said we looked like three witches around a cauldron from The Black Cauldron - lol.  Except we were making something sweet.  Can you guess what this is?

Somehow I try and convince myself that this is a *healthier treat*...not as much sugar as most cookies, has rice cereal in it...blah, blah, blah.  And then I end up eating more that I should!  Tricked again!
A Treat that Tricks...Perfect for the occasion!
Trick or Treat?

Have a lovely November day...

and don't forget all about your...

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