"Behold the handmaid of the Lord; be it done unto me according to thy will." ~ Luke 1:38

Sunday, November 4, 2012

~ Gifts ~

One source of enjoyment for me has been to arrange bouquets of flowers for the sanctuary at my parish.  I am learning that there are so many techniques and styles to floral design.  I am always inspired by the other ladies that help with the floral arrangements. We each have our own style...I can tell who's done the floral arrangements just by looking at them. 

I have been trying to remember to take photos of some of my finished arrangements.
Each arrangement is different.  Even when I use the same types of flowers, or maybe even the same colors; the arrangements always come out different or unique, in their own little way.  They are all so special.

A lot like people.  :o)

I have come to learn that arranging flowers is a type of art...and since I can't draw or paint...I think I have found something that I can design & produce.

By no means am I an expert at floral design.  But, I do have a great love for flowers, and, an even greater love for God. 
And since this is my little gift to Him, for His glory, I know he will take what I offer and, as little as it is, make it His.
God really knows how to make all things beautiful...

Besides, you can't really mess up flowers; they are just so beautiful - each and every one.  And when you put them together...an explosion of beautifulness!!


I took these photos with my phone...so the quality is not that great, and because of my poor photography skills, they are not so clear; but they show the general flaws colors, and the concept comes through - good enough.


On the High Altar...at the foot of the cross.
And a couple from the side altars...


an explosion of beautifulness

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